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Portronics Power Plate 7 Extension Board with 8 Unive...


  • 8 Power Sockets For Multiple Use : The power converter has 8 separate power sockets for efficient multi-tasking. The power board ensures that equal power is distributed throughout the plugged in devices. 
  • 6 USB Ports with 2.1A Total Output : Power Plate 7 has 6 USB ports that have a uniform power output of 2.1A. This feature ensures that the plugged in devices get efficient power output throughout their run time. 
  • Cord Length of 3M : Power Plate 7 comes accompanied with a durable cord length of 300cm or 3M. This length ensures the apt mobility and gives freedom to the user to make most use of the power board . 
  • Imported Intelligent Chips : Pre-fed with imported intelligent chips ensures that the power board is extremely stealthy and efficient. It has the latest power conversion tech that makes it a necessary tool in everyday gadgets! 
  • Over Voltage Protection : Power Plate 7 has been designed to protect the circuit from over voltage which could happen due to a sudden influx of direct current. To prevent the same the power board comes well equipped with voltage protection tech. 
  • Over Temperature Protection : Heating can be caused when multiple devices are plugged in and just to avoid the same, the power board has been modulated to protect itself. Over temperature is an unpleasant experience that can further lead to damage to devices. 
  • Short Circuit Protection : Power Plate 7 is short circuit free and shuts itself off in case a short circuit happens. It is preferable however to plug in minimal devices in case the circuit overreacts and shuts down! 
  • 2500W High Power : Power Plate 7 influxes a high power voltage of about 2500W which also empowers the devices that are plugged in! For maximum efficiency use the devices in an alternate manner. 
  • Eco-Friendly : The power board is made out of recyclable materials which makes these completely reusable. It is definite, that even after the power board runs out of its lifetime, it wouldn't add up to the existing e-wastage but can be rather upcycle