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Portronics(POR 1455)Pixel 8W Portable Bluetooth Speak...


  • Get the best of both worlds, right here! Not getting the context, well if you have been looking for the OG speakers, you have come to the right place. This beauty here, PIXEL will absolutely blow your aesthetics away! With its cute pixel animation faces you will have an absolute blast while listening.
  • The speaker gives out 32 different pixel animations which you can change with the tap of a button. The best part is that it keeps on changing with every beat that it passes by. You will be amazed by how the animations appeal to your aesthetic senses!
  • The bluetooth wireless speaker comes with 8W capacity speakers and an LED display. Besides it is enhanced with bluetooth 5.0 which is widely compatible across universal devices.
  • The speaker further on has TWS function or True Wireless Stereo function which allows two audio systems to connect seamlessly through one channel and form an integrated audio system. Further on, if you don’t prefer the usual bluetooth connection, you can plug in through a dedicated Micro SD Card slot or via a USB pendrive slot.
  • The audio output remains the same and glitch free no matter how you port into the speaker.
  • The runtime likewise, is an absolute hit with its eminent capacity of 2400mAh and lithium ion enhanced battery, powering the device up.
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