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Portronics(POR 1738)Toad 27 Wireless Mouse with Silen...



A wireless mouse that lets you scroll like youre on a stroll.  Portronics Toad 27 wireless mouse with 2.4 GHz USB nano dongle.  The matte look and in-hand soft feel make for a comfortable tangle-free experience. Portronics mouse wireless has a DPI of 1200 Dots Per Inch which makes it ideal for working on professional projects, reports or data while also you can scroll your way through completing college assignments and assessments. The 4-button mouse wireless is compatible with PCs and laptops.

Furthermore, it can suit the various windows and Mac operating systems. The mouse wireless has a high optical sensor that allows it to glide effectively on most surfaces as you nail your work goals. The optical wireless mouse runs on a AA battery and has an in-built power-saving mode that helps the battery with extended performance. The Portronics mouse is crafted for a tangle-free smooth working experience with a weight of only 54 grams it can be carried easily inside your backpack.

  • No Wire No hassle: Often we reach some limitations when we use a wired mouse but its time for a stroll like scrolling with Toad 27 wireless mouse that is 2.4 GHz wireless with a USB dongle.The mouse works within a 10-metre range that allows you to work without hassles.
  • Moves Like a Breeze: The optical mouse wireless has a high-precision optical tracker for highly responsive clicks and can be used on most surfaces with utmost ease. table, chair or thigh it Toad 27 works like a breeze.
  • All Work and Play: The Potronics mouse toad 27 has an impressive DPI(Dots Per Inch) of 1200 which is most suitable for professional and academic purposes. you can also achieve casual gaming on the laptop mouse wireless.
  • All round compatibility: Windows or Mac? the wireless mouse can be used with both laptops and PCs. Compatible with all latest versions of Windows(Windows 11) and Mac( Monterey )
  • Truly ergonomic: Hi optical tracking and a comfortable in-hand feel, weighing only 54 grams make the Portronics toad 27 wireless mouse perfect for professional and personal uses.
  • Auto Power Saving: Made for extended performance the Portronics mouse is dedicated to conserving power to an ever-lasting performance with auto power saving mode
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