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Portronics(POR 1787)Ruffpad One Transparent Multicolo...


  • Imagination goes up a notch - What would you want the most while tracing? A clear and smooth vision! Thats what you get with the transparent screen of Ruffpad One. Now trace designs easily with this digital tracing pad and add fun to your artistic side.
  • Safe LCD screen - Safety is always the first thing in mind when we give our kids something to play with. The LCD screen of Ruffpad One is non-toxic and free of any kind of glare or radiation, making it entirely safe for your children.
  • Environment-friendly product - Imagine the amount of paper that would be wasted if you let your child scribble, draw, or write on a notebook or sheets. To do our bit for the environment, we designed this reusable and rewritable Ruffpad One.
  • Ease to erase - Why take the pain of erasing one thing at a time when you can get it done all at once? Now write/scribble/draw, erase it easily with the single-tap erase button and do it all over again more than 100,000 times, saving lots of paper.
  • Lock it to save it - Worried about your kids accidentally erasing their work? We have taken care of that as well. Ruffpad One has a lock button that locks the erase button, thus preventing anything present on the screen from getting erased. Keep the smile intact on your toddlers’ faces.
  • Clear Display for ease of use - Who likes to limit their space while enjoying the creativity? With the 21.5 cm LCD display of the Ruffpad One, remove the limitations relevant to the space that your kids need for displaying their creativity.
  • Durability that tags along portability - The low power consumption feature of this digital writing pad makes it durable for a longer run. Ruffpad One is lightweight, and its compact design makes it easy to carry around with you.
  • Warranty. 12-months Warranty
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