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Urban Tribe

Urban Tribe Plank Gym Duffle – Indigo


Urban Tribe Plank Gym Duffle – Indigo

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Be fit in style! Plank is an ideal gym or sports bag, that’s well structured and spacious. This bag is unique in shape as compared to the generic circular duffle bag. The denim material not only gives it a rugged look but also is tough enough to manage your active lifestyle.

Space galore – One spacious main compartment with mesh slots for all your training essentials. It’s easy to miss out something in a duffle because of the zipper access. However, the plank zipper opens up in a U-shape, making it easy to see all the items in the bag in one shot. Keep your protein shakes and bars in the mesh pocket, so you can access it easily.

Shoe compartment – Isolated shoes compartment to keep away the funky smell of the socks as well as shoes from the rest of your belongings. It easily holds one pair of shoes of upto size 11.

Quick access pocket – Stow your phone, wallet, keys along with any other valuables in here to keep it handy.

Moreover, this gym/sports bag is a great option for a quick trip out of town. Just pack a few clothes and hit the road for a spontaneous trip, you can use the separate shoe compartment for soiled clothes.
1 main compartment
Inside Pocket for Shaker/Water bottle
Separate shoe compartment
Easy Access Pocket
Adjustable Shoulder Strap
Color : Blue Denim
Volume : 23 L

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