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Amazon Voucher INR 5000



An Amazon Shopping Voucher is a pre-paid instrument that can be used to purchase physical products from An Amazon Shopping Voucher has an expiry of 1 year from the date of activation and cannot be transferred from one Amazon Account to another. It can also not be cancelled once it is issued.

  • Amazon Shopping Voucher is NOT ELIGIBLE for the following shopping transactions on & off Amazon:
  • Purchase of Kindle eBooks
  • Purchase of Digital Content like e-Books, Video Games
  • Purchase of Amazon Pay Gift Cards or Adding Money to Amazon Pay Balance
  • Purchase of Brand Gift Cards that are designated Semi-Closed Loop(SCLP) Instruments under PPI Master Direction
  • Transaction outside of where Amazon Pay is a payment option.
  • Transaction on any Amazon Pay Categories including and not limited to(including future Pay categories available on Amazon Pay Dashboard):
  • Recharges: Mobile, DTH, Google Play, FastTag, Metro
  • Bill Payments
  • Ticket Bookings: Flight, Train, Movies, Bus
  • Investments & Insurance
  • Utilities: Gas Cylinders, Piped Gas, Subscriptions, Cable TV etc.
  • Donations

How to redeem -

  • Visit
  • Enter the voucher code in 'Add new' section.
  • Click on 'Add button' to add voucher.
  • To track your voucher, visit
  • Your Voucher Balance can be selected as a payment option during the checkout process on

How to use an Amazon shopping voucher? - 

  • A voucher can be used to buy only those items made eligible for it. 
  • When a voucher is eligible on an order (where all items in the cart are eligible for the specific voucher), 
  • ‘Your Vouchers’ will be show up as a payment option in payment method selection page. 
  • To use ‘Your Vouchers’ for the purchase, select it on the payment method selection page. 
  • If the voucher value is not sufficient, you can combine Amazon Pay balance, credit/debit card or net banking with your vouchers to complete the purchase. 
  • You can click on the ‘Know More’ option to find the list of vouchers eligible for that specific purchase.
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